Are you an expert and do you want to help young future colleagues?

Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit - Seneca

A SnapHistory Expert has the task of approving in advance the articles sent by the Authors, certified in compliance with the fundamental principles of adherence to historical truth and compliance with the guidelines.
The names of the experts are normally kept confidential, they do not appear in the article on the APP, nor to the editors. It is the expert, if he wishes, who communicates it to the editor or requests publication in the article.
If you have read how Snap History works, you will understand that to be an Expert, it is necessary to have proven expertise in the historical field.
In SnapHistory we don’t work on Big Data and we don’t like them.
So only a few fields are mandatory, it is certain that the more you fill in and the wider the mutual knowledge.

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